Health through light... It’s true! It is scientifically proven that exposure to different types of light is beneficial in the treatment of certain kinds of illnesses. At Spa Mathers, we use LED lighting (light-emitting diodes) to offer anti-aging treatments for the skin and treatments for muscle pain and inflammation.

Rejuvenating cure | 10 MIN. | 10 $

Metalloproteinase and collagen, enzymes that give our skin that young, firm look, tend to decrease as the body ages. Exposure to LED lighting (light-emitting diodes) contributes to increasing their production. A rejuvenating light source? Why not!

Muscle pain and inflammation | 10 MIN. | 10 $

Under exposure to LED lighting that penetrates the skin deeply down to the muscles, you will soon experience relief from pain associated with tissue inflammation caused by tendinitis and back, muscle and arthritic aches. Less pain and more energy!