Spa Mathers Ciel Nordique is an urban health center that emphasizes and encourages wellness and the improvement of your overall health. Our team of massage therapists, physiotherapists rand orthotherapists is carefully selected to provide you with quality care in massage therapy, specialized in massages as unique experiences. 

All our aromatherapy products and specialized equipment are at your disposal in order to provide you relaxation and relief to meet your highest expectations.


Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Relax. Here, you are in good hands. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, let the music lull you and delight in the bliss. Yes, take full advantage of this moment with yourself. Beyond your body, nothing else exists.

All massages gives access to the Thermal Circuit free of charge (except last minute bodycare.)


Therapeutic massage
60 min. | 110 $
60 min. tandem | 210 $
90 min. | 155 $
90 min. tandem | 300 $
Renowned for the wellness and the relaxation that it provides, the intramuscular therapeutic massage reduces muscles tensions. Using a balm with arnica and specific essential oils, the therapeutic massage will satisfy customers looking for relief and physical comfort.
Orthotherapy massage
60 min. | 110 $
90 min. | 155 $
Orthotherapy is a combination of massage therapy and kinesitherapy (therapy by movement). It is for people seeking to eliminate pain, muscular tension and joint stiffness. Orthotherapy is also used in postural re-education and to improve joint movement.
Deep pressure
60 min. | 115 $
Tandem | 220 $
This massage is the ultimate care for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing Swedish massage and an increased pressure. It relieves the tensions and discomforts generated by unrestrained life rhythms. The deep pressure massage considers the body in its entirety, it is for this reason that therapeutic massage is proposed when a customer needs to attenuate a targeted pain.



Relaxation swedish massage
60 min. | 99 $
90 min. | 145 $
This massage is known to promote a sense of relaxation and well-being by relieving muscular tension and eliminating the stress of long days. Our massage experts will provide you with an unequalled relaxation experience that rivals the care offered in the very best heath centres in Sweden.
The tandem massage (in Duo)
60 min. | 190 $
90 min. | 270 $
Share this moment of extreme relaxation with a loved one. The presence of a loved one soothes and relaxes. It is also a great way to introduce a spouse or family member to the benefits of massage therapy.
The four-hands massage
60 min. | 150 $
This carefully choreographed massage performed by two perfectly synchronized therapists will leave you in seventh heaven. A deeply relaxing massage that brings bliss to body and mind.
Lomi-Lomi massage
60 min. | 99 $
90 min. | 145 $

In this massage, motions are fluid and graceful. It is a powerful and enveloping massage as fluid and rhythmic as the dance of waves on sand. Lomi Lomi specialists basically use their forearms to massage.

The massage under the rain (Hydrotherapy)
60 min. | 115 $
A Swedish massage carried out under a light, hot rainfall. A massage under these circumstances gently instills feelings of relaxation and well-being. The gentle spray of warm water from 7 mobile water jets coupled with therapeutic massage dissipates tension deep in muscles and tissues and increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation.
The hot stone massage
75 min. | 150 $
Tandem | 290 $
This Aboriginal massage involves the use of natural volcanic basalt stones and various massage techniques. Thanks to the heat of the stones, this massage is ideal for relaxing stiff, sore muscles, but it is also very effective at relaxing tense backs and reducing spasms and contractures.
Seashell cocooning massage
60 min. | 115 $
Tandem | 220 $
Combining the benefits of heat and the softness of seashells, this very enveloping massage provides the release of muscle tissue all while offering unrivaled well-being.
Bamboo massage
60 min. | 115 $
Tandem | 220 $

The bamboo massage will make you live an amazing experience that will transport you to the heart of Eastern culture. It is through the movements performed by our therapists with bamboo that will make you feel all the depth and relaxation transmitted by the therapeutic maneuvers performed.

Rain wellness massage (hydrotherapy) and sugar exfoliation with grapefruit essential oil
75 min. | 155 $

Swedish massage with a fine, warm spray of rain for smooth, well-oxygenated skin. Give your skin a treat – a sugar scrub with grapefruit essential oil, renowned for its lipolytic effects. Give yourself a further treat with a soothing and relaxing massage with a eucalyptus and lavender balm.

Thai Massage
60 min. | 115 $

Thai massage is a holistic massage based on an energy vision. It is inspired by yoga and meditation. Acupressure are used to open energy channels, allowing the body to rebalance itself and heal. Applying pressure points along the energy lines, combined with compression and elongation of the muscles. The massage is practiced on a mattress placed on the floor, on a person dressed in loose and comfortable clothes. Serves to relax muscles and open joints, thus allowing energy flow.

Contraindication Thai massage is contraindicated in cases of phlebitis, pregnant women, and individuals with joint disorders.




Pregnancy massagen
from 12 weeks
60 min. | 85 $
The pregnancy massage soothes emotional fatigue and physical pain associated with pregnancy. Special padding cushions the body during the massage that helps moms-to-be cope with physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy and heightens their well-being. They deserve it more than anyone else.