SPA is a Latin expression for “Sanitas Per Aquam,” which means “Health through water.” It is also the name of a well-known Belgian health resort. The word, SPA, gained popularity in North America with the advent of hydrotherapy treatments offered in health centres. At Spa Mathers, technological innovation adds the finishing touch to this long thermal tradition. Everything is designed and created specifically to offer a veritable haven of peace to our clientele.

This vast 22,000-square-foot urban Spa encompasses four floors. Vegetation, woodwork, stone, glass and water combine to create a completely dreamlike atmosphere. Invigorating light is ever-present, along with calming, soothing music… All conducive to relaxation, well-being and revitalization. 

Take time to enjoy the Thermal Circuit which includes two hammams, multisensory showers, two luxurious saunas, whirlpools, pool with water jets, many rest areas and, exclusive to Spa Mathers, the famed snow cabin, a unique concept in Canada.

Guests can also take advantage of a range of complete massage therapy services, including the Swedish massage, hot stone massage, massage under the rain and other techniques associated with orthotherapy, sports massage, taping, etc.

In addition, choose from among a vast selection of beauty services to care for your uniquely beautiful body. At Spa Mathers, all our employees are trained professionals dedicated to providing quality care for the satisfaction and well-being of our clientele.

To round out your Spa Mathers – Ciel Nordique – experience, enjoy a light meal made with the freshest ingredients at the sumptuous bistro on the 4th floor, complete with a magnificent open-air terrace. 

Spa Mathers is a must for those who love luxury and innovation. A digital bracelet allows guests to lock and unlock their lockers and record payments onsite at the Bistro and boutique

So, leave all your belongings in the locker room, put on your robe and get ready to enjoy a memorable experience. Paradise on earth is at Spa Mathers – Ciel Nordique.

Water quality is controlled through the automatic chemical calibration of chlorine and pH levels. A UV generator completely disinfects and clarifies the water, destroying any chlorine-resistant bacteria. In addition, Spa Mathers employees conduct a minimum of three tests per day to monitor water quality.